Why Choose Mackay Harbour Engineering

We’re the best at what we do

We don’t do everything. But what we do, we do best.

We’re a locally owned and operated machine shop of qualified tradesmen centrally located in Paget with 20 years’ experience refurbishing, designing and manufacturing small to medium component parts. That makes us specialists in the small stuff.

It also means when you hire us your job isn’t competing against a bigger, more lucrative one. You have our full attention focused on every detail of your project, ensuring it’s to spec.

Our concise scope enables us to deliver incredibly quick turnaround. You’ll have your part back when you need it, not when we can get to it.

Machining requires both training and skill, and tradesmen who have both are rare in our industry. Our team are both highly trained and skilled in operating both traditional and CNC equipment and are the very best at what they do.

Our roster of returning customers speaks well of our quality workmanship.

Why should you hire Mackay Harbour?

Visit our shop and find out.