Our Machine Shop Equipment

Precision Machining to Spec

Our machine shop has every machine necessary to keep your equipment and daily operations running smoothly.

Machines and their capabilities include:

Centre lathes

  • Max swing of 735 mm and 350mm over saddle
  • Machining length 3200mm

Milling machines/Bed Mill

  • AXIS TRAVEL X-2600mm, Y-1000mm, Z-1000mm

Radial drills

  • 1600 mm from collum and a height of 1100mm from base

Horizontal borers

  • Axis travel X-1600mm, Y-1400mm, Z-1400mm

Vertical borer

  • Max Swing 1400mm and 1100 mm on height

Line boring/Bore Welding

  • Workshop/Onsight


  • Some surface grinding available

CNC Machining

  • 3-axis mill turn machines: Max swing of 675mm and 350 over carriage
  • Max machining length 1014mm

Machining Centres

  • Axis travel X-1050mm, Y-510mm, Z-510mm


  • Welding
    • Mild steels
    • High tensile steels
    • Stainless steels
    • Cast iron


We have the capability to machine:

  • Mild steel
  • High tensile
  • Manganese steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Plastics
  • Nylon
  • Urethane

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